Our daughter, Hailey, was struggling with everyday life from cerebal palsy. She was diagnosed with CP at 13 months old. As her mom, I was scared and didn't know what to do to help. We have done physical therapy since she was born. Then, I thought to myself, "why not try a chiropractor?" I will try anything to help my princess! I was looking, and came across Dr. Angela. We have been going to her for one month now and are AMAZED! I call her the "miracle worker". She has given life to Hailey. Hailey is 19 months now and can sit by herself as well as feed herself. Before seeing Dr. Angela this was not the case. We are so thankful for Dr. Angela and what she is doing for our princess!

Sonja & Eric R.
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Bridget B. Febuary 2019 
I was recommended to Dr. Pascoe by Alicia Rogers Fonder with South Dakota Babies, and by our family Chiropractor. Our son was born with tongue tie and a lip tie. When we got the procedure done, Alicia (The Lactation Consultant at the Dental Office we had the Frenectomy done at) noticed that our son needed some cranial work done to help reshape his skull so he would be able to properly nurse (at this point he was NOT able to nurse at all). Alicia's office is at Dr. Pascoe's Chiropractic office, so it worked out so conveniently for James and I to make our appointments on the same day. They worked very well side by side to help us get our nursing accomplished! When we set up a time to schedule she came in early before her office opened to see our son, because she was booked the rest of the week (which happened to be the week between Christmas and New Years)! That was amazing, and we couldn't of been more grateful. When your new parents it's scary when all this stuff is going on with your child, and Dr. Pascoe fit us in even though she did not have too! Each week, we saw an improvement in our son from relieving gas, to helping him sleep better, to eventually my son nursing pain free on both sides!! We are still under care because we are seeing such big strides with our boy. He is so much more awake, as Dr. Pascoe would put it...His lights are on! She is great with babies, and moms! She made us feel so welcome and encouraged us to keep at it! Her office is welcoming and clean. The front desk ladies are so sweet and accommodating! I would recommend Dr. Pascoe to anyone! 5 Star Rating! 

Emily M. August 2016

I can definitely say Dr. Pascoe knows what she is doing!  She is caring and provides a warm environment for the whole family!  My two week old was having problems latching/nursing and after just one visit we saw an improvement in her latch, her jaw movement, bowels and sleep patterns!  It took three visits to fix the small kink that was causing her latch issues!!  We had more than just one improvement in her overall health!!  We will be taking our little Prim and her brother Ezra back for regular care!   

Joyce H. Jan 2016

Dr. Pascoe's servant heart, love of people, knowledge of wellness care and the desire to help was very evident during my initial consultation.  I signed on for care and am amazed at how much longer I "hold" after one of her gentle treatments.  I'm so happy I found her clinic through a Google search!

Darin D. May 2015

44 years of chronic headaches gone after just a couple of visits.  I could literally feel the presure release with Dr. Pascoe's gentle treatment.  Compassionate treatment, with conversation throughout to ensure you know exactly why and how her care will help alleviate your pain.  Our entire family relies on Dr. Pascoe's care, and I continue to recommend her without any hesitation to family and friends.  

Troy W. Dec 2013

My 9 year old daughter, Isabelle, was diagnosed with Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome (VCFS) when she was 3yr old.  She is missing part of her 22nd and 7th chromosome.  There are many characteristics for this syndrome including leg/foot pain.  She had problems going for walks, riding her bike and sleeping at night due to the unceasing pain in her feet.  We have seen different specialists, but were unable to find a cause or any relief for her.  

Finally, without anywhere else to turn, we decided to try Chiropractic.  We found Dr. Angela Pascoe and after just 4 adjustments the pain was starting to diminish.  After 6 adjustments the pain was GONE!  No more sleepless nights.  She is now able to go for walks and she can ride her bike with no pain.  This has been a major development in her life and we are SO greatful and cannot thank Dr. Pascoe enough.   

Deb S. May 2013

After being under Dr. Pascoes' care, I now spell pain relief--D.N.F.T!  For 6 months, my body was tormented by chronic right low back pain and left hip/inner thigh pain which disrupted my sleep a minimum of 3-4 times per night.  After only one adjustment, my right low back pain was gone and I have since slept restfully/peacefully.  Not only did Dr. Pascoe adjust my body to heal, she equipped/educated me on how to distinguish which vertebrae subluxations cause certain effects within my body.  With the unexpected added benefit of sustained energy and increased sense of well-being I have experienced from the Protandim supplement (Nrf2 Synergizer), it is truly a Godsend as I continue to recover from brain surgery 6 months ago.  I sincerely thank you and your staff, Dr. Angela, for your compassion and commitment to health and wellness of the human body.  

Linda A. July 2011

Dr. Pascoe's gentle, yet firm, treatments have realigned my spine and relieved the pain I felt in my neck and shoulders, and the tremors I used to have in the muscles are gone! I truly feel good again, thank you Dr. Angela! 

Lisa H. April 2011

Immediately I was impressed with the thorough initial evaluation.  Dr. Pascoe really listens to what you are saying.  She gives you valuable suggestions.  Dr. Pascoe checks you from "head to toe".  She has checked areas in my head, throat, and stomach which are areas no one previously considered.  Dr. Pascoe's treatment plan has lessened my pain and muscle tightness.

I have had the opportunity to work with the knowledgeable massage therapists at Pascoe Chiropractic.  Since working with Dr. Pascoe and her massage therapists I have more energy and minimal pain when walking.  Therefore, I don't say NO when I'm invited to an event that requires a lot of walking!  Thanks to the Pascoe Chiropractic Team! 

Kristi P.  November 2010

I started to work for Dr. Angela two months ago when she said to me that she could fix my back. I have struggled with kyphosis (hump back) since I was 7 years old and it has caused me pain and discomfort as well as embarrassment all through my school years. I was always told by medical doctors that I would have to go on a brace or get back surgery to fix my spine. It took one gentle adjustment to feel better, and two to start noticing a difference in my back. I've seen her for a few weeks now and my whole family has noticed that the hump is disappearing. I am more in tune with my body and my self-esteem has gone up to boot! I thank Dr. Angela very much for giving me a healthier life and a happier me!  

Stacey N.  October 2010  

I wanted to share a testimony of my chiropractic care.  I have had many problems with my sinus, and with allergies.  I have been seeing Dr. Angela for a few months. I have been steadily improving.  I can actually breathe much better!  I believe it is all due to getting adjustments.  I have never slept better.  Thank you for your wonderful care! 

Sonja & Eric R. May 2010

Our daughter, Hailey, was struggling with everyday life from cerebral palsy.  She was diagnosed with CP at 13 months old.  As her mom, I was scared and didn't know what to do to help.  We have done physical therapy since she was born.  Then, I thought to myself, "why not try a chiropractor?"  I will try anything to help my princess!  I was looking, and came across Dr. Angela.  We have been going to her for one month now and are AMAZED!  I call her the "miracle worker".  She has given life to Hailey.  Hailey is 19 months now and can sit by herself as well as feed herself.  Before seeing Dr. Angela this was not the case.  We are so thankful for Dr. Angela and what she is doing for our princess! 

Larry N. Feburary 2010

Before seeing Dr. Pascoe I suffered from intense low back pain for years.  I was told that I couldn't have surgery due to some of the medications I was on.  I was given pain killers to numb the pain, and to be honest they didn't offer me much relief.  I was told to learn to live with the pain.  I have been to several chiropractors before, but the style of adjusting Dr. Pascoe does is unique to anything I have ever experienced.  I finally felt relief, and am no longer in need of my pain meds.  I feel better each visit!  I look forward to getting adjusted.  Not only is my back pain gone, I am sleeping better at night and waking rested!  Thank you Dr. Pascoe!

Stacy C. Feburary 2010

Dr. Angela is very specific and gentle in her adjusting.  I enjoy being under her care because I know I am getting the best!  Not only have I benefited greatly from Dr. Angela's adjustments, so have my two little girls.  She has a great presence with children.  I am very grateful for her gentle and effective style.








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