Before seeing Dr. Pascoe I suffered from intense low back pain for years. I was told that I couldn't have surgery due to some of the medications I was on. I was given pain killers to numb the pain, and to be honest they didn't offer me much relief. I was told to learn to live with the pain. I have been to several chiropractors before, but the style of adjusting Dr. Pascoe does is unique to anything I have ever experienced. I finally felt relief, and am no longer in need of my pain meds. I feel better each visit! I look forward to getting adjusted. Not only is my back pain gone, I am sleeping better at night and waking rested! Thank you Dr. Pascoe!

Larry N.
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Services and Techniques offered at our clinic
1. Directional Non-Force Technique®
             This gentle approach to adjusting is ideal for those seeking long term
     correction and relief of pain!  Crainal adjustments, TMJ (Jaw) adjusting,      extremity adjusting, organ adjusting and spine adjustments. This            technique is great for all ages!  NO popping, cracking or twisting!
2. Receptor Tonus/NIMMO Technique
                  NIMMO is a soft tissue technique directed at reducing trigger
             points (TP) within muscles.  By reducing TP's, your body will            
             feel more balanced. 
            Trigger points arise from several causes, such as acute or
            chronic muscular overload, direct trauma, poor posture, chilling
            of a muscle and even emotional stress!     
3. Palmer Package
            This includes the use of Diversified, Thompson drop, and Cervical chair.  
    Dr. Pascoe will also recommend stretches and exercises throught your     care to assist in your body's recovery and growth!
4. Nutrition /Weight loss/Skin care
             Dr. Pascoe will help you achieve your weight loss goals by providing 
             up to date nutritional advice, counseling and offering you superior,          botanically based products targeted to help you reach your ideal weight,
    or simply maintain your weight, and increase muscle tone.   
             Dr. Pascoe also offers botanically based skin care products for
             for women, men and children. These products are great for 
             sensitive skin, and those looking for a safe, pure, and beneficial
Key Point: What you put onto your skin goes directly into your blood stream, think about that for your children as well!  Most skin care and     cosmetics on the market in the USA today are filled with mineral oil which is occlusive (does not allow your skin to do it's #1 job-rid the body of toxins!)
5. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture & Cupping
What Does Acupuncture Do?

Acupuncture stimulates powerful points on the body that allow it to heal and balance itself naturally. It works more specifically by increasing circulation, stimulating nerves, and releasing endorphin's. Thousands of years of clinical effectiveness has proven the powerful benefits of acupuncture. 

Appointment Pricing - 

20 Minute Consultation: Free

Initial Acupuncture Exam Fee: $45 (90 min)

Initial Cupping Exam Fee: $35 (45 min)

Acupuncture Treatment: $65 (60 min)

Cupping Therapy w/ Acupuncture: $10 

Cupping Therapy w/o Acupuncture: $25 (30 min)

6.  Massage Therapy
Becky Makens LMT, and Renae Denision C.L.M.T. offer 30, 60, and 90 minute massages. They will leave you feeling more               balanced and relaxed. Gift certificates also avaliable for employees or    your loved ones! 
I invite you to explore our site to learn more about your body, health, and wellness!   


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