Our daughter, Hailey, was struggling with everyday life from cerebal palsy. She was diagnosed with CP at 13 months old. As her mom, I was scared and didn't know what to do to help. We have done physical therapy since she was born. Then, I thought to myself, "why not try a chiropractor?" I will try anything to help my princess! I was looking, and came across Dr. Angela. We have been going to her for one month now and are AMAZED! I call her the "miracle worker". She has given life to Hailey. Hailey is 19 months now and can sit by herself as well as feed herself. Before seeing Dr. Angela this was not the case. We are so thankful for Dr. Angela and what she is doing for our princess!

Sonja & Eric R.
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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Sioux Falls

One of the goals of chiropractic care is attaining and then maintaining a healthy nervous system through the chiropractic adjustment, without the need for drugs or surgery. The chiropractic adjustment reduces spinal nerve stress, therefore promoting a more balanced nervous system. With a balanced and well maintained nervous system YOUR body will feel great and healing can occur from within.


"The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body!" 

Is chiropractic care safe during pregnancy?

Absolutely! There are no known contraindications to chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. All chiropractors are trained to work with women who are pregnant, and many have advanced training.   

Chiropractors that have been trained to work with pregnant women will use tables that adjust for a pregnant woman’s body, and they will use techniques that avoid unneeded pressure on the abdomen.

A chiropractor who is versed in the needs of women who are pregnant, like Dr. Pascoe and Dr. Clark, will also provide you with exercises and stretches that are safe to use during pregnancy.  These exercises and stretches will complement any adjustments made to your spine.

Why should I have chiropractic care during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, there are several physiological and endocrinological changes that occur in preparation for creating the environment for the developing baby.  Making sure your pelvis is in line and your nervous system is functioning optimally is critical during this time in your life!  Your nervous system controls not only EVERYTHING in your body, it is also controling the growth and development of your unborn baby!  Chiropractic care will insure that your nervous system is functioning at it's fullest potential, creating an environment for optimum growth and proper development of your baby!  

For more information on how chiropractic care can benefit YOU throughout your pregnancy, visit:

Chiropractic Care for an Easier Pregnancy and Safer Birth 

The nervous system is the master communication system to ALL of the body systems, including the reproductive system. Keeping the spine aligned helps the entire body work more effectively!                  


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